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  • Kimberly Paige

A Little Practical Magic

Yep, I want to share some practical magic with you. I have a technique I've been using for years to manifest some pretty big dreams. It's super simple and super effective.

I first heard of this technique many years ago from author and life coach (Oprah's former life coach) Martha Beck. Basically, you just talk about your goals out loud, as if they have already occurred, emphasizing the emotions generated in achieving the goal.

Your voice has tremendous power. When you say something out loud, especially when you say something aloud with feeling, you are making a declaration to the Universe. And when you say something out loud you are engaging your throat chakra which is associated with both self-expression and truth telling.

As an example, if it's your goal to lose the 15 extra pounds that you are carrying, you might try saying something like this:

"I am easily and effortlessly maintaining my ideal weight of ______ pounds. I look good and I feel good! I am lean and light and healthy. I love the way my clothes fit. I feel super body-confident. I am full of energy! I am so grateful that I've found a way of eating and moving that works for me and I know that I can sustain it for the long-term."

I used to do this technique while driving (which I still recommend). But in the last few years I've been adding an additional element to this process, I do it while I'm running. Guys, you would not believe how much faster and easier my runs are--bonus!--when I'm using this technique. I'm telling you magic.

I know that running is not the thing for everyone. But you can do it with any type of steady state cardio--walking, hiking, biking, rollerblading, whatever. Yes, if anyone hears you they will think you're cray-cray, so you may want to seek out a trail or path that's not overrun with people.

And another potential perk...A life coach friend of mine also recommends this exercise to her clients. She absolutely swears that she can tell when her clients are regularly doing this activity because she notices a difference in their physical appearance--she says that her clients look lighter, younger, and have a certain healthy glow about them. Now that's some magic!

Seriously, I challenge you to try this technique 3 times per week for a month and see what happens for you. I would love to hear about your experience--feel free to shoot me an email and tell me what you think 🧡

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