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Path to Wholeness

Insight and Intuitive Wisdom with Tarot

Adding Tarot into the therapy framework allows us to access both conscious
and unconscious aspects of the mind to give us a more 
complete picture of what may be holding you back from connecting to your deeper purpose.


If you are feeling stuck or are seeking to live your life in a way that feels more meaningful,

Tarot offers a means to go deeper and tap into a more intuitive

source of knowledge and understanding.

In our work together, we are not using Tarot as a means of predicting the future, but instead as a

psycho-spiritual tool to uncover underlying fears, old programming, and subconscious motivations.

We are connecting with the emotional brain where the thinking tends to be

metaphorical rather than literal. We are tapping into your inner wisdom.

Therapeutic Tarot work is a collaborative experience in which we are exploring what reactions the

cards elicit from you and merging that with the symbolic meanings of the cards.

Tarot can offer you an alternative way of looking at what's happening or not happening in your life that can result in a major perspective shift. A Tarot session can provide you with some surprising insights, and also provides you with information that may become more clear or obvious over time. 


Here's What's Included:

Archetypal Tarot spread where we use the Tarot as a wisdom source to more deeply understand your personality, your drives and motivations, and your strengths and areas of struggle.

An in-depth discussion of what the Archetypal spread is showing you and how you can use this information to further your growth and self-understanding.

A quick spread that you can use on your own to gain insights into specific situations or relationships. 


Session notes that you can refer to post-session as a reminder of our collaborative interpretation of the meaning of the cards and the symbolic guidance for your particular situation.

Archetypal Tarot sessions can be a stand-alone session
or integrated into 
ongoing therapeutic work.

90-minute SESSION = $225

Please email

to check my current availability and discuss scheduling options.

You're going to love how this way of working together will allow you to access parts of your psyche that have been running the show without your conscious awareness.

XO Kimberly

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