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Path to Wholeness

Self Discovery and Depth Work with the Enneagram

I believe that living a life of meaning and purpose requires a connection with our essential self. For many of us, our essential self has been buried under layers of conditioning, expectations, and survival strategies
that we developed as children.

It's impossible to build an authentic life on a false foundation.

What is the Enneagram of Personality?


The Enneagram is a map of the psyche showing us 9 different paths of growth and transformation. Each of the 9 different Enneagram types has a primary defense mechanism and a specific strategy for coping in the world.

The Enneagram is my favorite tool for deepening our understanding of self and increasing awareness of habitual patterns. The system allows us to go deep beneath the surface of our personality and connects us to our instincts, motivations, and inner experiences.

Deep Dive into The Enneagram

Where you currently are in your experience with the Enneagram will determine where we start. The first step in working with the Enneagram is determining your type. Finding your type is in itself part of the process of self-discovery:

  • If you don't already know your type, we will start with a typing process interview. The typing process interview will help you hone in on types you likely are and types you likely are not.

  • If you do know your Enneagram type, we will take a deeper look at the patterns of the type that drive your behaviors. We will look at deeper motivations and the path to growth according to your type.


Session #1: Your Enneagram Type (Typing Process or Further Exploration)

Session #2: Enneagram and your Relationships

Session #3: Enneagram and your Purpose

These Enneagram sessions can be used as
a stand-alone package or integrated into
another coaching package.

3 X 45- to 50-Minute Coaching Sessions  = $450

Please feel free to contact me prior to purchasing to check my current availability and discuss scheduling options.

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You will love the wisdom that you will gain by digging beneath the layers of personality to connect with a

more authentic version of yourself.

Click here to connect with me so we can

schedule your sessions.

XO Kimberly

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