Sweet, Sexy, Soulful 

12 Weeks of Transformation

It's okay to want more...
Wanting more is the first step to being MORE


You have a pretty good life, right? 


It's a life that looks great on paper. All of the boxes have been checked. Outwardly you are

pretty successful. So why don't you feel good? Why aren’t you happier?


You’re yearning for something more, something greater. Maybe you can’t quite identify what it is,

but on a deep level you're aware that something is missing.

You’ve lost your passion, your energy, your sense of direction, and most importantly,

you’re not really in touch with who you are anymore.

You go out into the world, plaster a smile on your face, make charming small talk,

and tell everyone that you’re FINE.


But you’re not satisfied with fine anymore. You want more.

You want amazing. You want extraordinary.


I hear you. 


Wouldn't it feel good...


To understand your great big WHY so that you feel like you are living life on purpose?

To believe that your dreams matter and are actually a part of your life’s mission?

 To feel a deeper sense of connection to the world around you, to the people in your life, and to YOURSELF?

Our work together involves breaking through what has kept you playing small

and feeling stuck in a so-so life. You are going to learn to

show up BIG and shine BRIGHT by:

  • Taking personal responsibility for every aspect of your current circumstances so that you can deliberately create the life you really, really want.

  • Shifting limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your progress, beliefs that you may have held your whole life and have kept you stuck in a repeating pattern.

  • Making your SELF and your health a priority and developing a practice of non-negotiable self-care.

  • Really knowing who you are on the deepest level so that you can show up in the world with total authenticity.

I bring my experience as a Master's-level therapist with in-depth training in systems

like Cognitive-Behavioral theory (CBT), Dialectical-Behavioral theory (DBT), 

hypnotherapy, and the Enneagram into the coaching realm. 

AND I will share with you everything that I learned

on my personal path to whole health which integrates

mindset, lifestyle, and unapologetic self-care.

This process is about you becoming the absolute best version of yourself. 

I want you to understand that you are not broken.  You don't need to be fixed.

You already have everything that you need.  I'm here to help you access it!

The heart of this program is our weekly one-on-one coaching sessions. 

The coaching relationship is a collaborative one. It's a partnership in which we work together

to move you toward your goals and dreams. We will go deep. We will tap into your

intuitive knowledge of what you truly need to live your life in a way

that is genuinely fulfilling.

There is power in our joint focus on YOU. You will be bringing more of what you want into your life as you are gently letting go of what no longer serves you.


In addition to our weekly 50-minute coaching sessions, you will also receive these extras:

  • Transformative tools and resources (a.k.a. "fieldwork") for you to reflect and focus on between sessions that will deepen our work together and accelerate your progress. This fieldwork is going to give you the opportunity to better understand yourself, rehearse new behaviors, restructure old thought patterns and beliefs, and get major clarity on your values and priorities. 

  • Recommended reading (whether articles or books) that are applicable to your unique growth path and will reinforce what we are working on in our sessions.

  • Direct email/text support between coaching sessions for check-ins, strategies, accountability, and encouragement. 

12 Weeks of Transformation to

your Sweet, Sexy, Soulful Life

12 x 50 minute one-on-one coaching sessions (1 online session per week) 

laser-focused on your goals, your dreams, and the strategy and mindset

required to get you the life you want AND all the extras.


or 3 Monthly Payments of $650

Ongoing Transformational Work

To continue our work together on a month by month basis

after the initial 3-month intensive

2 x 50 minute one-on-one coaching sessions that will build on the foundation

laid in the first 3 months of working together. 

You'll still get all the extras, of course!

$275 per month

Why now?
Because this is your one wild and precious life
and it requires your full participation.
AND you are worth it.



If you haven't worked with me before, you probably have a few questions, right?

Contact me using the link below and let's schedule a time to chat about it:

Email Kimberly

I'm so excited to see what we can do together!

Let's set up a call to see how I can help you reach your goals.

XO Kimberly


Tel: 425-445-3482


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