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Path to Wholeness

Connecting with Your Authentic Self

It's okay to want more...
Wanting more is the first step to being MORE


But we're talking about quality, not quantity, right? You don't need

more stress, more responsibility, or even more stuff. What you need is more joy,

more connection, and more deep-level fulfillment.


The truth is you don't want it all. You want what really matters *to you*.


It can be confusing when we get all these messages about what we're supposed to want—the career,

the income, the relationship, the family, the home, etc. And many of us have checked

every single damn box only to find that...we're not happy,

or at least not as happy as we feel we "should" be.

What if the path to happiness has nothing to do with checking off the boxes and everything to do with

checking in with our sense of soul purpose?

What do you really want?


Let's find out. 


You’re yearning for something more, something greater. Maybe you can’t quite

identify what it is, but on a deep level you're aware that something is missing. 

You’re ready to rediscover your passion, your energy, your sense of direction,

and most importantly, reconnect with your most authentic Self.

I bring my experience as a Master's-level therapist with in-depth training in systems

like Cognitive-Behavioral theory (CBT), Dialectical-Behavioral theory (DBT), and the

Enneagram into our coaching sessions. AND we will also work with whatever intuitively

arises to accelerate your growth—this may include journaling activities, specific books, and

archetypal work with myths, the archetypal wheel, and Tarot.

This process is about you becoming the absolute best version of yourself. 

The heart of this program is our weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions. 

Our coaching relationship is a collaborative one. It's a partnership in which we work together

to move you toward your goals and dreams. It's also a process of self-discovery. We will go deep.

You will tap into your inner wisdom to discover what you need to live your life in a way

that truly aligns with your highest purpose.

There is power in our joint focus on YOU. You will be bringing more of what you want into your life as you are gently letting go of what no longer serves you.


Connecting with Your
Authentic Self

Our coaching sessions will last 45 to 50 minutes and are scheduled weekly or every other week. The cost for each session is $150 and payment will be processed following each individual session.

If you haven't worked with me before, you probably have a few questions, right?

Contact me using the link below and let's schedule a time to talk it through:

Email Kimberly

Why do this for yourself?
Because this is your one wild and precious life
and it requires your full participation.
AND you are worth it.



I'm so excited to see what we can do together!

XO Kimberly

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