February 24, 2020

You can always choose again, maybe not this time, but next time.

So many of us beat ourselves up for making poor choices, but it almost always takes multiple screw-ups before we’re able to make the wiser choice.

Recently I was working with a client who was extremely frus...

February 10, 2020

How often do you hear yourself say "I don't have time" in regards to taking care of yourself? Is that really true? What would happen if you made it a point to say instead "it's not a priority"?

It's not a priority for me to commit to daily exercise.

It's not a priority f...

February 5, 2020

If you say things to yourself like "no pain, no gain" or "nothing worth having ever comes easily", you are creating an association between your goals and suffering.

As a consequence, you likely find reaching your goals to be a struggle as you hold beliefs that require y...

January 26, 2020

I love the feeling of being guided, you know, getting those prompts from the Universe that point you in exactly in the direction you need to go when you didn't even know it was where you needed to go. 

I think it would be awesome to live life in a state of full-on...

December 16, 2019

Being responsible is good, right?

I was raised to believe that being responsible was a pretty important quality to possess—and likely you were, too— but fear is a clever bastard and can take something that we perceive as “good” and use it to keep us stuck in old p...

November 29, 2019

Diet culture is more influential than many of us realize. There are so many diet messages that we have heard repeatedly that over time have become lodged deep within our psyche. It can be hard to shake these messages even when we have evidence that those messages are m...

November 24, 2019

Do you know why we like staying in our comfort zone? It's comfortable. Do you know why we dislike leaving our comfort zone? It's uncomfortable.

Yep, you can always count on me to clear up these type of mysteries!

I talk to a lot of people who want things to change, but t...

November 19, 2019

We have a lot of control over the way in which we age. Aging well doesn't necessarily mean looking younger than our chronological age, but it often means challenging the cultural norms about what it means to be a certain age.

I find many of the stereotypes that exist in...

November 4, 2019

Integrity is earned; you cannot claim it until it has been tested.

I always thought I had integrity, or more accurately, I never thought much about integrity but assumed that I had it because I was a nice person who cared about others.

People who knew me also assumed I...

October 29, 2019

I learned a great lesson about trusting the universe this weekend and it was delivered in a characteristically humorous way.

Yes, the universe definitely has a sense of humor!

I love Halloween. It's hands down my favorite holiday and really the only one that I get excit...

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November 19, 2018

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