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Hello Growth Seeker!

Lead with your weird and wild heart.

Authentic self-expression is a requirement to be

*who you are* without shrinking or sublimating

your essence to make others more comfortable.

Following our passions, however whimsical, aligns

us with our soul's calling. There is nothing formulaic about this process, and that can feel confusing in

our achievement-oriented, hustle-hustle world.

But each time we let go and follow these soul

callings, we forge a deeper connection with

our authentic self. 


Often what appears to be malaise or disenchantment with life is really a soul-level call for change.


That's how it happened for me.

I went through a period of my life which absolutely looked like a mid-life crisis. It was a period where things got messy and ugly. It didn’t look the least bit *transcendent*, and yet, it was a catalyst for

real transformation.


My path wasn’t pretty, but it felt soul-led and authentic, and through all of the dismantling

and deconditioning, space was created for

a new version of me to emerge.

Of course, I'm not done. (Hint: We never are.)

This process of releasing the old and making space

for the new happens over and over.

Authenticity isn't stagnant.

Maybe you are having a similar experience where things that “should” make you happy are not. You may be afraid of change, but deep down you recognize that what needs to be released will allow for something better

to take its place.

Everything you want lies on the other side of the "shoulds". Your authentic self wants you to follow

your weird and wild heart.

You are your own source of wisdom.


You can trust yourself. You have an inner intelligence that is always guiding you toward growth and expansion. Conditioning, however, is powerful and it often drowns out your inner guidance with voices telling you what you “should” do and what you “shouldn’t” do.

It takes courage to challenge these cultural/familial voices and all the conventional

rules  that you are expected to live by, but there is freedom and fulfillment in

breaking through conditioned thoughts and behaviors.


What I bring to our work together:

As a therapist in private practice, I have become increasingly uncomfortable

with the medical model of mental health. I see people becoming attached to

their diagnoses and reliant on medication and therapeutic "tools" that

manage symptoms without addressing root causes.

My psychospiritual approach to therapy is non-pathologizing, it doesn't seek

to label you as broken or sick. We all have defense mechanisms and coping

strategies that are dysfunctional. These patterns are deep-seated and often

operate below our level of awareness. We can approach these dysfunctional

ways of being with curiosity and compassion, and as we bring them into

conscious awareness, we have the ability to choose a different way. 

I am a big believer in inner work and cultivating the relationship

we have with ourselves. Our relationship with ourselves is our

primary relationship. You will be in this relationship with *you*

for every moment of your time here on this planet.


"A life truly lived constantly burns away veils of illusion, burns away what is no longer relevant, gradually reveals our essence, until, at last, we are strong enough to stand in our naked truth."

-Marion Woodman

"You were once wild here. Don't let them tame you."

-Isadora Duncan


We are only able to connect deeply with others when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

Self-work isn't selfish. When you do the work on yourself, you show up in all of your relationships in a

more authentic way  and this work ripples out to your interactions with *everyone* who crosses your path.

When we neglect ourselves and focus only on the "shoulds" and responsibilities of life, we cut ourselves off from

our life force.

Shadow work involves reconnecting with the parts of ourselves we were led to believe weren't "good enough".

Until we integrate these disowned parts of ourselves, we are not whole. We are not authentic.

Self-discovery is a life-long process—our healthy self is always in a state of

evolution and expansion.

Each of us is here to explore our unique interests, passions, and life purpose.

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