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Hello Growth Seeker!

Is it time for an intervention or even

a re-invention?


The best version of you lives life from a place of meaning and personal purpose.

Living to your fullest potential is a process of self-discovery. Who are you really? Who are you when you separate yourself from the many roles and responsibilities that you've taken on?


Often what appears to be malaise or disenchantment with life is really a soul-level call for change.


That's how it happened for me.

I went through a period of my life which absolutely looked like a mid-life crisis. It was a period where things got messy and ugly. It didn’t look the least bit *transcendent*, and yet, it was a catalyst for

real transformation.


My path wasn’t always pretty, but it felt soul-led and authentic, and through all of the dismantling and shifting of parts of my life, space was created for a new version of me to emerge.

Maybe you are having a similar experience where things that “should” make you happy are not. You may be afraid of change, but deep down you recognize that what needs to be released will allow for something better

to take its place.

Are you game?

“When our behaviors match our intentions, when our actions are equal to our thoughts, when our minds and our bodies are working together, when our words and our deeds are aligned...There is an immense power behind
any individual.”

~Joe Dispenza

Life is meant to feel good...


You are the expert on yourself and your life, and you have an inner wisdom that can guide you to a life you love. Conditioning, however, is powerful and it often drowns out the inner guidance with voices telling you what you “should” do and what you “shouldn’t” do.

It takes courage to challenge these cultural/familial voices and all the conventional rules

that you are expected to live by, but the life you want lies on the other side of your

conditioned thoughts and behaviors.

I can help you access those beliefs that are limiting you. I can help you see where your conditioning is holding you back and encourage you to give yourself permission to follow what is calling you.


What I bring to our work together:

As a Lifestyle & Empowerment Coach who is passionate about personal growth

and living to one’s fullest potential, I combine my education and experience

with intuition and deep wisdom. The Enneagram, a map or system

that explores the human psyche, is one of

my favorite tools for growth work.


As a Therapist with Masters degree in Counseling Psychology,

I’ve gone deep in studying evidence-based systems like

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical

Behavioral Therapy (DBT). I have also been influenced by

the work of great minds like Carl Jung and Abraham Maslow.

I love to work with personality theory, archetypes,

dreams and symbols.

 I have a background as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

resulting in a very holistic, mind-body approach to change and lifestyle.

The body and mind are inextricably linked and often times it is our body that

provides us with information of which our mind is not consciously aware.

I am a Life-long Learner with a passion for psychology, spirituality, and health. I am both classically trained and totally *woo woo*. I love challenging beliefs and the system and the status quo. I'm a work in progress moving toward my own self-actualization—the deeply fulfilling point at the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.


I believe...

Each of us is here to explore our unique interests, passions, and life purpose.

The things that "light us up" are breadcrumbs we can follow to living our best lives.

When we neglect ourselves and focus only on the "shoulds" and responsibilities of life,

we cut ourselves off from our life force.

Knowing ourselves is a life-long process—our healthy self is always in a state of evolution and expansion.

Self-work isn't selfish. When you do the work on yourself, you show up in all of your relationships in a more authentic way  and this work ripples out to your interactions with *everyone* who crosses your path.

We connect deeply with others when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

We all have a shadow self, a dark side, that we try to keep under wraps, but we need to acknowledge and

integrate these parts of ourselves to actually feel whole and complete.

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