Sweet, Sexy, Soulful Living

If you’ve found your way here, my guess is that you feel like
something is missing in your life…you’re not struggling, but you’re
not fully satisfied either
I love connecting with women and men who want more—not more STUFF, but more joy, passion, and connection. I love working with people who want to reconnect to their SELF, the essential part of YOU that got buried beneath all of the responsibilities and obligations.


What would it be like to…

~Be able to slow down a bit and experience life as meaningful and fulfilling?


~Stop living up to others’ expectations and start defining your own?


~Feel like you’re in the flow and living for a higher purpose?

~Shift your limiting beliefs so that life works for you, not against you?


~Show up authentically as YOU in every aspect of your life?

~Positively radiate good health and glow from the inside out?


"Kimberly, what is it that you actually do??"


I talk to so many women and men who feel trapped in their own lives. They have achieved everything that they set out to achieve and instead of feeling satisfied they feel

overwhelmed and exhausted  and they don’t see any way out of this cycle….

they are literally trapped by their own “success”.


I help people who have a sense that their quality of life could be better and are willing to do the inner and outer work necessary to create the kind of life that feels as good as it looks.


What’s the secret to optimal health and happiness?


Here’s my my BIG three approach to living your absolute best life…





Everything starts at the level of the mind. The interrelationship between your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, assumptions, and interpretations creates your mindset.

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world—we see what we believe. So being aware of

our beliefs is crazy important. The cool thing is that we can train our mind just like we can

train our bodies.

Most people do not do this and go through their lives with unexamined beliefs. Usually this doesn’t work out so well. If you go through life without training your body it becomes flabby and

deconditioned, the same thing happens with an untrained mind.




Mindset is about our thoughts and beliefs, while lifestyle is about our choices and behaviors. Lifestyle has a much greater impact on our health (and happiness!) than genetics.

It’s easy to fall back on the excuse that “its just the way that I am” or "it runs in the family",

but the reality is that if you behave differently and make different choices

you will create a different outcome.




Remember, my friend, you are a human being and therefore are perfectly imperfect and

wholly lovable.

Give yourself a break. Don’t expect perfection. Be as gentle and kind with yourself as you

would be with someone you love.

So many of us put ourselves dead-last on the priority list, this is not loving behavior. It may take practice, but it’s time to make taking care of YOU non-negotiable.

When any of these three pillars—mindset, lifestyle, self-care—is not given attention, our whole system becomes unbalanced. Like a tripod with uneven legs, we are not functioning at our best when we are off balance.  We have to take care of our WHOLE self for whole health—sweet, sexy, soulful living.

That’s why I’ve put together the SWEET, SEXY, SOULFUL program.
 This is my signature program created to help you redesign your life so that it feels meaningful. I want you to forge a deeper connection with your essential self so that you can simplify, prioritize, and fully align with your personal values.
I want you to live la dolce vita—the SWEET life.
I want you to live an impassioned, SEXY and SOULFUL life that feels good and allows you to shine in ways that you forgot were even possible.

I get it! 

I felt like something was missing in my life, too.  It took me years of trial and error to discover how to fill  that hole.  I want to share with you what I learned on my long, twist-y journey to health and wholeness. 

I want to help you find a way--your own unique way--to structure your life so that it supports your deepest needs and leads you to a life you LOVE.

You can read more about my story here.

Ways to Work with Me

Sweet, Sexy, Soulful 12 Weeks of Transformation

One-on-one coaching will give you the strategy, accountability, and the support you need to get you on track for the amazing life that you deserve.  Working one-on-one allows us to go deep. Maybe you have big goals and dreams, but lack the motivation and know-how to make them happen. Or maybe you don't have a specific goal in mind, but you're sure that there must be something *more* to life. You are seeking meaning and purpose. If you are ready to clean up your self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, and make your SELF a priority as you step into your full potential, this is the path for you.

Click here for more details.

Sweet, Sexy, Soulful Self Discovery with the Enneagram

The Enneagram is a system of self-discovery and a path to personal growth. It can help you see the patterns of beliefs and thoughts and behaviors that you habitually turn to so that you can become aware of these patterns which are often self-defeating. It is absolutely my favorite tool to use with clients who want to increase their awareness of these self-defeating patterns so that they can let them go and choose differently.

Click here for more details.

Sweet, Sexy, Soulful Tarot Insights & Transformation

This is a collaborative experience where we use Tarot to uncover underlying fears, old programming, and subconscious motivations. Tarot offers you an alternative way of looking at what's happening or not happening in your life that can result in some powerful breakthroughs and insights.

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