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Charting the Soul-Led Path

Anam Cara, we are in this together.
We are travelers on this path of growth and expansion.
And paradoxically, self-work, deep inner work, is the single most
powerful way that we can change the world.

What does our work together look like? It depends on what you need
and where you're at, but may include any of the following:

✣ Exploring personality patterns that are keeping you stuck
✣ Connecting with your intuition and your ability to trust your inner guidance
✣ Working with dreams, myths, and archetypes as wisdom sources
✣ Looking into how your feminine and masculine energies are helping or hurting you

✣ Finding your way to authentic self-expression

All of these processes are more about stripping away than adding on—
we are dismantling, unlearning, and releasing to reveal
your unconditioned Self.
Cherry Tree

"All I ever needed to do was surrender
and let my soul courageously lead.
Call off the search party.
I was inside me all along."

Rebecca Campbell


What is the purpose of your life?

A lot of the work I do with clients revolves around helping them

*give themselves permission*  to follow what is calling them. We are so conditioned

to do what seems practical and responsible that we are afraid to take the risk to follow

our deep soul promptings.

But what is life for? Is it to stay in a job that stresses you out and negatively impacts

your quality of living? Is to follow the path everyone else seems to be following

even though you’re aware that it’s not fulfilling to you?


The ideas and activities that light you up are there for a reason. The things that

interest you, your unique passions, are indicators of your true purpose.

Trust that some wiser part of you knows exactly what will bring you joy and it’s

sending you clues in the form of intuitive hits and seemingly wild ideas.


Let what wants to come through you, come through you.



Let's get SOULFUL


Soul is embodied and personal. Soul work is about going deep within and

reconnecting with parts of ourselves that we rejected or believed weren't "good enough". 

Carl Jung calls this process shadow work. When we disown parts of ourselves, we are not whole. We are not authentic. So the purpose of soul work is to integrate all parts of ourselves and allow ourselves to show up as a fully human being.

Until we have integrated the shadow aspect, we cannot reach the state of self-actualization.

We can't live to our full potential until we have accepted all of the parts that make us who we are.


Who were you before your wild and free nature was conditioned out of you?

That wild and free part of you is still within you. 

Ways to Work with Me

Path to Wholeness Connecting with Your Authentic Self

So many of us are afraid to take the risk to connect with our deep soul promptings. What is the purpose of a life?

What is the purpose of *your*life? A part of you already knows the answer to this and other BIG questions.

Connecting with your authentic Self is about working with and trusting in this part of you that knows. 💚

Click here for more details.

Path to Wholeness Enneagram Depth Work

The Enneagram is a system of self-discovery and a path to personal growth. It can help you see the patterns of beliefs

and thoughts and behaviors that you habitually turn to so that you can become aware of these patterns which are

often self-defeating. It is absolutely my favorite tool to use with clients who want to increase their awareness

of these self-defeating patterns so that they can let them go and choose differently.

Click here for more details.

Path to Wholeness Archetypal Tarot

A psychospiritual approach to Tarot is a collaborative experience where we use the imagery of Tarot to look at

what is happening or not happening in your life. The symbols/archetypes of the cards assist you in bringing

subconscious influences and motivations into conscious awareness. This can be a transformative

experience with lots of ahas!

Click here for more details.

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