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  • Kimberly Paige

Making Friends with Food

I used to feel really out of control around food.

I labeled myself, my days, and my food choices as “good” or “bad”. I was either “on the wagon” or “nowhere in the vicinity of the wagon”.

Moderation was not in my vocabulary. And I was pretty miserable and mean to myself.

I don’t approach food that way any longer...hallelujah!

I don’t have good days and bad days or cheat meals. I don’t overeat because I’m sad or because it’s my birthday or because it’s Tuesday.

Even though this has been true for me for years now, I am still very much aware of the difference and deeply grateful that I have found my way to a healthy relationship with food.

Can I tell you how absolutely amazing it feels to be at peace with food? Seriously, angels are singing in the background of my life because food is just food not something to be wrestled with multiple times per day.

You will know you when you have found that sweet spot when there is enough flexibility in your everyday way of eating that you NEVER EVER have to cheat or binge or feel sick and guilty about food.

How does it happen?

Finding your particular sweet spot is a process. It’s a process of trial and error and assessment and curiosity. Curiosity can take the judgmental edge off the process and turn into something a lot more fun like a science experiment or a highly nuanced game.

When I work with clients, I don’t expect them to eat like I do. I don’t want you to do anything that will not work for YOU, and following something that works for someone else leaves YOU out of the equation.

Do I have some general guidelines that I use with clients? Absolutely! Here are a few:

  • Eat foods that you love…every meal and every snack can be something that is satisfying and enjoying to you.

  • Eat a lot of foods that are pretty close to their natural state—vegetables, eggs, nuts, etc.

  • Build in *not-so-healthy* treats on a regular basis so that you don’t feel deprived or have the whole FOMO thing working against you.

  • RELAX, don’t expect yourself to be perfect even when you have flexible guidelines…a lifestyle is not created or destroyed by one meal or one day.

Last week, I posted a picture of some of my vacation meals and treats and stated that I pretty much eat the same on vacation as I do in my *normal* life. It's not that I'm "being good" when I'm on's more that I eat like I'm on vacation all the time.

That's how a sustainable plan should feel--somewhat indulgent with no sense of deprivation.

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