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A Healthy Enough Diet…Keeping It Real

I’m always looking for good reads about nutrition so when a client recommended that I read The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder, I put it on my list. I finished the book this weekend. It was well-written, non-preachy, and full of some really great information and it left me feeling like…my diet is complete and utter *crap*.

I like to think of myself as a fairly healthy eater, but compared to this Kimberly let’s just say I am not the healthiest Kimberly in the room. I love how she recommends a diet based around leafy green and non-starchy vegetables. But I think I picked up some sort of nutritional inferiority complex when I read all of the things that The Good Kimberly (hereafter referred to as TGK) does that I do not:

  • TGK eats a vegan, mostly raw food diet

  • TGK avoids sugar, salt, wheat, alcohol, oils (and of course, as a vegan, meats and dairy)

  • TGK practices food combining, makes her own probiotic & enzyme salad, and drinks glowing green juice (!)

TGK is gorgeous, and boy does she deserve it, her diet is so clean that… something funny should be inserted here, right?

My diet is not that clean and, honestly, I do not know that I will ever have the desire to make it that clean. The food that I choose to eat on a regular basis makes me feel good! So I’ve decided to ditch my feelings of "less-than" and "not-good-enough" and *celebrate* the fact that I've found a way of eating that works really well for me and it's super flexible so that I can sustain it FOREVER (or as long as I choose)...yay!

Perfection is a really lousy goal and it sets us up for failure...please do not expect yourself to be perfect.

It's so cliché but the practice of MODERATION really is the secret to your's about making good choices most of the time and allowing yourself some stretchiness on occasion.

A toast to your stretchiness...cheers!

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