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  • Kimberly Paige

Do Something, Do Anything

My client, Liz, was offered a job as a personal assistant a few weeks ago. The offer was verbal and informal, and Liz’s potential employer, Kathy, told Liz that she would get back to her with details within the next couple of days. The job wouldn’t start until after the first of the year, so there was no real urgency.

A week passed, and Liz hadn’t heard anything. She started to fret a bit, what if the Kathy had found another person whom she liked better? Or after thinking more about it, Kathy didn’t consider Liz to be a great fit for the job?

Liz was constantly checking her phone for the call/text/email that would let her know that she had a job lined up. She was pretty anxious about the whole deal. Maybe she should still be looking for a job?

Finally, Liz decided to take action. She composed a nice email ‘just checking in’ and making sure everything was a go for January. Then she hit send. And as Liz returned to her inbox, there was an email from Kathy that had arrived about the very same second that Liz had sent her email to Kathy giving Liz the details she had been awaiting.

The Universe responds to action.

Kathy had sent an email with the information Liz was looking for as soon as Liz took concrete action steps.

Well, you say, it was probably just a coincidence. And I say, yeah, no, I’ve seen it happen far too many times for it to be coincidence. It’s amazingly reliable that when you take action, you will get action.

The cool thing is that the action that you take doesn’t have to be directly related to the way in which you are stuck in order to be effective.

Physical activity (a.k.a. exercise) works great for getting energy un-stuck. (You knew I’d find a way to work the benefits of exercise into this topic, right??)

I can’t tell you how many times I have gone out on a long run only to return home and find the package, message, etc. that I had been waiting for (and waiting for) had arrived while I was out on the trail.

Even opposite action can get energy moving!

My partner, Andy, and I are preparing for a move out of state. Andy quit his job to get our house ready for sale. We listed it, and…nothing happened. It was a *hot* market, but we got crickets.

After waiting for months for some action, Andy decided to apply for a job here in Washington. We decided that if he got the job, we would take the house off the market and try again later. The house sold before Andy even interviewed for the job.

The Universe responds to action, and it doesn’t need to be BIG action. If you’re not sure which direction to go, it’s okay. Just take a wee, little step in any direction and you will get feedback.

Do you have your own story about receiving a response only after taking action? I wanna hear about it, share it with me on my Facebook page!

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