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  • Kimberly Paige

Whiskey May Have Been Involved

‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving and I was out with a friend enjoying bacon-wrapped figs, red wine, and (why not!) a little Jameson on the side. (Kiss me, I'm Irish!)

After the whiskey had begun taking effect, Dear Friend popped the question, "do you want to do CrossFit with me in the morning?" I thought about it for about 3 seconds and then said “YES!”

I’ve never been that interested in CrossFit although I had heard a lot about it, both good and bad. It seemed a little too extreme and punishing to me--all of those stories about people pushing themselves until they puked, umm, gross.

And I'm not really a group exercise person. And I don't like to grunt and groan when I workout. And I definitely don't like trying brand new things in front of a bunch of people I don't even know.

But a couple of things made me say yes: 1) my workouts needed to be shaken up—I had been in a maintenance state for too long and I was ready for a challenge, and 2) after a year of CrossFit my friend’s body and fitness level had changed significantly and I was pretty inspired by that.

So, bright and early Thanksgiving morning I showed up to my first ever CrossFit class. The “gym” (barn?) was packed and according to my DF it was way busier than normal. Walking in there was a little bit intimidating and I had no clue (thankfully, I suppose--it was Thanksgiving after all) what I was in store for me.

By the time I left that day I was a total convert.

Why? It was so much fun! And it was so hard! That’s a winning combination for me.

I was totally out of my element and it was perfectly okay.

Wall balls, pull-ups, clean and jerks—these are not things I do in my typical workouts and I could feel my body responding to the change up.

It felt so awesome just to do something *different*.

Sometimes you just need a change. Change is good. Getting out of your comfort zone is necessary for growth.

And not just for physical fitness, right?

We need to be growing in every area of our lives—professionally, intellectually, emotionally, interpersonally, and spiritually—to be living to our fullest potential.

We don’t always need to be growing in every area at the same time, of course. That’s going to feel super overwhelming, but we can’t stay put for too long either. Staying put, staying cozy and comfy, eventually leads to stagnation.

Y’all know how I feel about stagnation, don’t you?

Stagnation makes us old before our time.

Stagnation is a slow, painful, shriveling death…best to be avoided.

So, where do you need to shake things up in your life? Are you bored at work? Does your social life consist of dinner every Thursday at the same restaurant? Do you do the same exact routine every time you go to the gym?

Pick an area of your life that’s become boring as all hell and make a commitment to try something new. Take a course that gets you excited about your career, plan a weekend get-away with your partner to some place you’ve never been before, drive a different route to work—whatever.

Changes don’t need to be epic they just need to be deliberate. The best growth opportunities will scare you a little and excite you a lot.

Meanwhile, I'll be at the box doing my WOD, feeling uncertain but showing up anyway.

How about you? Tell me how you plan to step outside your comfort zone and stretch yourself a bit...what's the next evolution of you?

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