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  • Kimberly Paige

Am I Crazy (and Selfish) for Following My Bliss?

Do you believe that you have a purpose in life? Are there things that when you do them you get lost in the joy of them?

“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling” ~Fabienne Fredrickson.

I recently signed up for a course with Fabienne because her philosophy resonates so deeply with me. I believe that my passions matter, that I have them for a reason, and they are a part of my life’s mission.

Sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) I do things that don’t make me sense to my friends and family. I have been asked, repeatedly, “Kimberly, why don’t you just do things like everyone else?

Why don’t you…?

  • Get married

  • Have children

  • Work for corporate America where you will have…

  • A steady income

  • Health benefits

  • Vacation time

  • Job security (this one is always questionable!)

I guess the bottom line is that I hear from others that I WANT TOO MUCH.

I have a successful private practice, as well as a personal training business, a good relationship with my partner of over 20 years, a nice home, a cute cat, a healthy body and mind, I’ve traveled all over the world...

My life is good.

But I want more.

I’m not satisfied with good…I want great, I want amazing, I want extraordinary.

Yes, I’m kind of a self-improvement junkie. My greatest fear is that I will not live up to my potential.

So I don’t mind feeling uncomfortable. I want the growth, and I know that with growth comes a certain degree of pain.

Being comfortable is nice, but if you stay comfortable for too long, well, you become a little stagnant and slothful.

The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones that do.

So I encourage you to think and act in a way that is may be is a little crazy, that may be perceived as selfish, and go after your big dreams.

Don’t think small, think, “what if…” and go BIG.

One of the activities we did in Fabienne’s group was to write about our ideal perfect day. I’ve done these type of activities before—like writing a journal entry from the future--and have clients do them regularly because the visualization process can be so powerful.

I have gone back and read over some of my visualizations (sometimes years later) and have been amazed, like WOW, at how much of what I envisioned has come to pass.

Will you try it?

Write about what your life looks like on today’s date 2 to 5 years from now. Write in present tense (“I am standing in front of the Eiffel Tower…”) and talk about the exact life that you would have in an ideal world. Write about your career, your finances, your relationships, your home, your hobbies, your health, etc.

You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain by doing this process.

Have you tried something like this before? What have your results been? Share it with me on FB.

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