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  • Kimberly Paige

I Guess I was a Pretty Smart Kid

Sometimes we can pick up telling insights from our childhood dreams…

Recently, I read Lewis Howes’ book The School of Greatness. Early on in the book, Howes talks about looking back on our childhood for clues about our deepest desires and values.

Think about what it is that you really, REALLY wanted when you were young.

It took me a bit to come up with something that my child-self longed for with maddening intensity

And then I remembered.

My twin obsessions were to become a cheerleader (a.s.a.p.!) and a flight attendant (after high school).

This is embarrassing for me to admit because these do not seem like true *LadyBoss* goals--couldn’t I have chosen something a little more ambitious?? But truly my heart longed for these things…

AND when I dig a little deeper and look at the values underlying those desires, it makes perfect sense.

What did I associate with being a cheerleader and a flight attendant that made each so appealing?



Becoming a cheerleader was no easy task for the shy an awkward adolescent that I was. My first attempt (in junior high) was an *epic failure*, but I was unstoppable in my quest! A year later (in high school) I made the j.v. squad and the year after I made the varsity squad.

Cheerleading took me way outside my comfort zone and provided me with some incredible opportunities for personal growth and leadership.

I was never a flight attendant, but I did work for Alaska Airlines in reservations (with the hope that reservations would be my “foot in the door” to transfer to being a hostess in the sky, sadly, the airline did not see it that way).

That did not stop me from travelling! My first big travel adventure involved spending 2 months in Europe backpacking/Eurailing with my best friend from high school at age 20. We were completely clueless, but managed not only to survive, but to thoroughly enjoy the experience. Again, travel pushed me WAAAY outside of my comfort zone and taught me so much. Afterwards, I was completely committed to being a traveler-for-life.

As we get older and caught up in our *important adult responsibilities*, it's easy to lose sight of our dreams. We get bogged down by the mundane and the routine and forget about those things that used to light us up.

Remembering our dreams, our goals, and the values that drive them are what keep us engaged in life. These are the things that make our lives seem meaningful and fulfilling.

Looking back on your earliest must-haves and must-dos, can remind you of what may now be dormant in your life...wake them back up!



Cheering involves supporting and encouraging others to perform at their best and to not give up even when it looks like the game is over. Traveling requires us to open ourselves up to new ways of being and living in the world.

Turns out…those are still my core values and actually lie at the heart of the expansion of my business and brand.

Isn’t that cool? It’s like my little-kid-self knew exactly what my big-kid-self would blossom into—not the exact context, but the essential elements.

How about you? What were your childhood dreams? Can you see your core values reflected in your earliest visions for the future?

I always love to here what you think...share your thoughts here.

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