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  • Kimberly Paige

OMG! Did I Just Make THAT Happen?

My first experience with intention setting kind of rocked my world. It was maybe 2004 (?) and I was reading Martha Beck’s “Finding Your North Star”. One of the exercises in the book asks that you set 3 *WILDLY IMPROBABLE GOALS* (a.k.a. WIGs).

So, I played along...

I set 3 goals that seemed like a pretty big stretch to me. I don’t remember what the first 2 were (but I would not be the least bit surprised if I’ve achieved them because intention setting is *that* powerful), but the 3rd goal left me sort of scratching my head. What else did I want?

Something random, I thought, so that I would KNOW whether or not this game with The Universe worked…

Somehow—seemingly out of nowhere—I came up with the idea that I wanted to hike The Enchantments.

The Enchantments is a beautiful but strenuous hike in the North Cascades of Washington state. I don’t even know where I heard about the hike—it wasn’t really on my radar. I was not a big hiker and this was not a typical goal for me.

Fast forward two days…literally two days. I’m talking with a co-worker/friend and she tells me she is hiking The Enchantments in a couple of months. I say, “Oh, my God—that’s totally on my goals list”. She says, “Do you want to go? We have room on our permit for one more person?”

Totally bizarre…seemingly *out of nowhere* I am all-of-a-sudden in the process of achieving my *out of nowhere* goal.

Hiking The Enchantments was a cool experience, but not, like, life-changing or anything (it certainly reinforced the fact that I don't like camping--sooo cold and no fires allowed).

But the intention setting process itself has been *life changing*. As you can imagine, after an experience of such perfect synchronicity I was never going back because:


There are a lot of ways to set intentions—creating a vision board is one of my favorites. I love the whole process of determining exactly what I want, finding the images that really resonate with me, and then laying it all out. It’s an awesomely creative (on many levels!) experience.

I know the intense focus on what I want to bring into my life makes a difference because, even before the vision board is complete, I am typically having all sorts of a-ha’s and crazy coincidences and synchronicities.

How about you? Have you experimented much with intention setting? What has your outcome been?

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