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  • Kimberly Paige

My 2017 Manifesto

I aspire…

To be radiant—to be lit from within and allow my light to shine brightly; to wake up every morning feeling energized & excited for the day ahead; to shake things up, to break routines, create adventures, and satisfy my wanderlust; to spend time alone—to read, to write, to meditate, to walk, to rest; to spend time with friends—to laugh, to share, to connect, to bond with my tribe; to spend time with Andy—to talk, to dream, to travel, to enjoy amazing food, to wander and explore; to wear beautiful clothes that reflect my own individual style; to feel sensual and desirable; to love, love, love my work; to effortlessly attract the right people to me through my passion and vision; to be a thought leader, to be a sought-out resource, to inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle by focusing on taking exquisite care of their whole self—mind, body, and spirit; to embody that lifestyle myself, to live authentically, mindfully, and purposefully; to model an abundance mindset—attracting time-freedom, love, happiness, and prosperity with ease; to surround myself with fellow visionary, no-limits people; to learn more about things that fascinate me; to seek out new things to fascinate me; to eat what I want, when I want, and know that my brilliantly designed body knows how to process it all perfectly; to continue to push my limits in my workouts, to enjoy being in the best shape of my life; to own my fitness, own my leanness, and own my unique beauty; to be kind and gentle to my body by nourishing it with wholesome, delicious food, naps and hot baths, and stretching and moving; to feel good in my body always; to create a home that is charming, cozy, and uncluttered; to feel generous and loving and connected to those that I love; to be fully present and aware of my connection to the universe...thank you!

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