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You've got this life-thing pretty much figured out, but...


A little fine-tuning is in order. 

Hi! I’m Kimberly.

As a Mind-Body FITNESS Coach, I help people like you who are waking up to the idea that there is a

better way to do life.

You've become increasingly aware that something is missing, even if you can't quite put your finger on it.

You are officially ready to do whatever it takes to live life fully, to feel good about yourself and your body,

and to connect more deeply and authentically with others.

You are finally fed up with fine.

(Fine is BULLSH*T.)

You know you have the potential for a bigger, bolder, brighter life

and I'm here to help you get it.


Are You Ready for More?

More meaning, more purpose, more freedom...

As a busy, successful, and generally high-functioning human, 

you juggle a lot and sometimes even make it look easy.

But there's this niggling disappointment, this feeling that life isn't quite what you want it to be...


You feel like you're either running around at 900 miles an hour or

you're completely exhausted


To be honest, you don't like what you see in the mirror and feeling sexy

hasn't been much on your radar lately. 


Your own needs consistently take a back seat to everyone else's needs.

You know how to eat right and you know you need to exercise, but too often it doesn't happen

You've somehow disconnected from your identity, your passions, and

your sense of purpose.

There must be more to life than what you're currently experiencing, but

you're not sure how to go after it.

It's okay to want more. You have the opportunity to create a wildly extraordinary life.

You just need some guidance and tools to get you there.


Let's bring the sexy back.

What you need most right now...

First things first, it's time to change your story--your story about who you're supposed to be

and what you can expect out of life.

You are going to learn to align your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors with the

outcomes that you want.

Who you are today--including your environment and circumstances--is a reflection of

your past thoughts and beliefs.


Your thoughts and beliefs are driving your behavior and much of this is happening

below the level of conscious awareness.

Now is the time to start identifying the negative patterns, the dysfunctional thoughts, and

self-limiting beliefs that have kept you quietly stuck in a good-enough life.

(Good-enough is BULLSH*T.)

As you become more aware of your thought processes and underlying beliefs, you will develop

a more compassionate way of talking to yourself as well as a deep understanding

of who you are and why you are here.

It's super empowering, even a Super Power, to know that making yourself a priority,

practicing non-negotiable self-care, and reclaiming your personal identity will allow you

to better show up in all areas of your life.