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Let go of the idea that your evolution is supposed to look logical and linear. Let it be messy. Let it look ugly. Trust that it's all unfolding in a way that will ultimately grow you.
Zen Stones
Your Self is calling for your attention.


We are, each of us, in a constant state of personal evolution. You have an innate drive

to express yourself, to self-realize, in a way that is wholly unique to you.

Hi! I’m Kimberly.


Perhaps you've become increasingly aware that something is missing from your life,

even if you can't quite put your finger on it. Your feelings of overwhelm, disappointment, or 

dissatisfaction are indicators that you are, on some level, resisting this pull to growth.

It's easy as busy, responsible humans to become disconnected from 

essential aspects of ourselves.

Many of us are in the process of  waking up to the idea that there is a

different way to do life.

You might be experiencing an inner paradigm shift that is causing you to question the

beliefs and values that shaped you. This is a soul-level call to explore your inner world.

Big Sunflower

Feeling lost and confused is part of the process

In other words, there is nothing wrong with where you're at...

I have been lost many times in my life, but something I have learned is that if I make space

for the uncertainty and listen to my inner promptings, I open myself up to new possibilities. 

This is not a rational process. It can feel scary. You may have thoughts like, "Am I going crazy?"


You are not going crazy. You are in the process of reconnecting to your deeper self

and your sense of higher purpose.

Sunflower Field

It's time for some soul-level work...

Think of the process of metamorphosis.


The caterpillar knows instinctively what we humans do not:

We have to allow for the *messy middle* part of the transformation. We have to be willing

to be reduced to GOO before we can emerge as an evolved version of ourselves.

That's the part that's scary.

But it's only scary when we don't understand it as part of the process.

This is shadow work. It's an inner-directed experience.

It's the opportunity to shed the version of ourselves that we thought we were so that

we can emerge as a more authentic version of who we truly are.

This is your path to wholeness.

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