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Personal Training PLUS...

Yep, it's online personal training PLUS a mini-coaching session rolled into one highly effective package!  

How many times have you been frustrated and discouraged in your efforts to get fit and healthy? Do you hit it hard, but then become quickly discouraged by lack of results and quit altogether?  Or maybe you eat "good" all day, until you come home from work starving and eat half of what's in the fridge.  It’s easy to get trapped in an all-or-nothing approach and it's one of the most common forms of self-sabotage. 


Because I see this so often, I wanted to offer YOU a simple, straight-forward, and structured approach that will help you to feel good about yourself inside and out. Lifestyle changes don't need to be difficult and they absolutely don't need to be extreme. Real change happens as a result of making small changes that are sustainable over time.


If you want different results you need to try a different approach.

Let's break the patterns that keep tripping you up. Let's work on getting your mind aligned with your goals. Let's figure out how you can live your life healthy and happy without feeling deprived or depleted.

Personal Training PLUS Motivational Coaching:

50-minute sessions in which we will spend the first 10 to 20 minutes checking in on your progress and collaborating on overcoming any challenges you are currently facing. The remainder of the session will be focused on your workout although we will likely still be talking mindset and motivation.

The workouts will last 30 to 40 minutes and will be focused on a super efficient blend of cardio, strength and flexibility training. Minimal equipment is required. I can work with whatever you've got, including just your body weight, and still give you an effective workout. And while these workouts will challenge you, they will also be fun. Promise.

Frequency is typically once per week (although it is possible to schedule more than one session per week). One of the beauties of doing this workout in your own home with your own equipment is that you can repeat some of the elements of this workout throughout the week on your own.

Text/email check-ins as needed to keep you on track and in the right frame of mind. I am also happy to send you short, simple workout plans that you can do on your own. 


This program is designed for individuals who are ready for change
and know that they need structure and accountability to make that
change happen. This is for the person who is

Ready to ditch the quick-fix diet mentality and shift to a

healthy lifestyle mindset.

Willing to show up and be bring your best to our sessions. Consistency is the secret sauce to your success. 

Prepared to make your health and yourself a priority—this is an investment in YOU, and your commitment to yourself is essential to your success.

PUH-LEEZE, don't sell yourself short. You aren't too old or too out of shape.

Your metabolism isn't broken. 

This program is a great confidence builder. You may surprise yourself with what you are capable of and how quickly both your body and mind respond to this type of training.

Ready to show up for yourself?

You can expect lots of support, encouragement, and relevant information 

as well as some powerful, mind-shifting coaching!

But you've got to show up for yourself.




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Please feel free to contact me prior to purchasing to check my current

availability and discuss scheduling options. And I'm always happy to provide you with free 15 to 20 minute consultation.

I am so excited to see what

changes this program will bring for you!

XO Kimberly

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