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  • Kimberly Paige

I Think I'm Allergic to the Holidays...

Do the holidays give you hives? Do they fill you with more dread than delight?

I know that even those of you who LOVE the holidays get super stressed with the busy-ness, the family dramas, and all of the FOOD. Is there a way to make this time of year easier?

Yes, my friend, there is and it has everything to do with mindset (surprise!).

Do you have high expectations for the holidays~every year~and feel invariably disappointed~every year~when things didn't go quite as planned?

Or do you over-indulge in an effort to make sure the holidays are thoroughly enjoyed and then feel discouraged and down on yourself at the end of the season?

A lot of us get caught up in a "holiday ideal" that we remember from childhood...we forget that things weren't really perfect back then, we just weren't perfectionists yet, lol.

Really, that pink tinsel tree was good enough, and downright magical, when all the other lights were turned off and it was the sparkly center of the Universe.

Peppermint hot cocoa with marshmallows on top was a little slice of heaven.

Snow globes!

It's the *MAGIC* that we tend to miss as adults.

What is it that makes the season magical for you now? Is it really over-focusing on food on Thanksgiving? 'Black Friday' deals? Or having your outdoor lights flawlessly following your roof line?

Think about it.

Sit down and make a list of the things that make the season truly meaningful for you. Focus on the simple things that are not based on conditions beyond your control (like Uncle Mike's sobriety or a white Christmas, lol).

What comes to mind?

Try to reconnect with that child-like wonder that the holidays once held for you. That's what we are really seeking when we erroneously get caught up in things being "just so".

Now, consider what you can let go of...

What do you do because you feel like you should do it (even though you really don't enjoy it) or because you feel like others expect it of you?

Now make another list and choose 2 to 3 things that you will not do this year (it's kind of like Lent only way more fun). Tell at least 2 other people, or post it on Facebook, for accountability.

Keep in mind that many of these "shoulds" and expectations are self-imposed. You created them and, therefore, you can release them...yay!

How do you feel about challenging yourself to actually allow the holidays to be more peaceful, relaxed, and fun than the rest of the year? How could you go about this with a bit of creativity?

For instance, if you love to send out Christmas cards but are always rushing and fretting over getting them out on time, why not send out New Year's cards in mid-January?

Is it really worth it to you to bake 5 different kinds of holiday cookies? Maybe it is. But if it isn't, well, choose not to do that this year.

You don't need to spread yourself so thin. ​​​​​​​Let go. Be easy.

Think presence, not presents.

Would it help you to have some motivation, accountability and support to get through this holiday season?? My Ready, Steady, SWEATY small group coaching program starts on November 26th. There's no deprivation involved, I promise, AND you will make it through the season feeling that you got in all of your holiday treats without going overboard.

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