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In my email-based coaching plan, you will have high access to me for strategy, support, and accountability in a way that is super flexible.

Here's What's Included:

Up to 10 email exchanges per week (weekdays) to help you identify self-limiting beliefs, master your mindset, and achieve your goals.

Personal response within 24 hours and typically sooner offering encouragement, suggestions, reframing, and strategies for your continued success.

Additional informational and motivational content that is specific to your circumstances.

Option to purchase one-on-one virtual or in-person coaching sessions at a special rate of $150 

per 45-minute session (up to 2 per month).


E-coaching offers a lot of personal support with a

minimum time commitment.  This program will be a

good fit for you, if you are:

Maxed out schedule-wise but determined and committed to setting and reaching your goals.

Willing to show up for yourself and be an active participant in the process.  You will be initiating the email contact and I will be responding to your particular challenges and issues.

Prepared to make your health and yourself a priority--all of my programs require giving yourself some non-negotiable self-care.

This program requires personal accountability and a willingness to try new things, it is not the right program for you if:

You believe that you are powerless to change your habits and your environment.

You have underlying issues or trauma that have not been addressed.

You are unwilling to take full responsibility for your current situation.

Ready to show up for yourself?

Showing up for yourself requires a commitment to your own growth and

self-development.  Our biggest limitations are almost always

self-created--let's break that pattern.

YOUR INVESTMENT = $150 per Month






One-on-one coaching sessions can be added on

at $150 per 45-minute session

(this is a special price for those enrolled in one of my programs)

(please email me for scheduling inquiries for 1:1 coaching sessions


I am so excited to see what

changes this program will bring for you!

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