July 24, 2017

I was talking to a friend on the phone the other day who was telling me that she really wanted to lose some weight.  She told me about her plan to do a little Master Cleanse, cut out certain foods most days, and allow some cheat meals/days.

I’m listening…I’m biting my t...

June 26, 2017

Last week, I wrote about how futile it is to try to fill your emotional needs with food (you can read it here), and yet it is something that many of us struggle with on a regular basis.

I cannot tell you how many times I have found myself standing in front of my fridge...

June 19, 2017

“There is no joy in this.”

I must have made this statement to myself a hundred times following an episode of overeating.

I’m not sure why that was the particular wording I chose, but that was the exact phrase I spoke to myself as I sat feeling heavy, dirty, ugly, and wor...

February 27, 2017

It’s a little embarrassing, but…

I broke my lap top last Friday.  Not due to an accident, nope, due to a burst of temper.

I had been in a super-high, super-creative, get-shit-done (#gsd) mode all day long.  In the afternoon, my laptop started acting up (grrrr!)—running s...

December 12, 2016

When I was about 40 years old, I decided to get my Personal Trainer Certification (I was also in graduate school and working full-time…timing, hello?)

BUT I was (and am) super passionate about fitness and healthy living and I really wanted to share that with others. 


November 8, 2016

There is something magical about starting and ending your day with things that nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

Over time I have developed some morning and evening habits or rituals that really help me to feel on purpose, clear in my intentions, and, well, kind of b...

October 17, 2016

Something I’ve been thinking about this week is how to move forward after a setback in a very self-nurturing way…

Say, for instance, you’ve been doing really well in practicing moderation with your eating, but after a tough day you give in to temptation and go on a mind...

August 16, 2016

If you’re an average American woman, you’ve been on a diet before, or a hundred diets, or the same diet one hundred times. Dieting is crazy-making.

Dieting is crazy-making because it sets you up for failure. Worse than that, dieting sets you up for a preoccupation with...

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November 19, 2018

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