March 27, 2017

My first experience with intention setting kind of rocked my world.  It was maybe 2004 (?) and I was reading Martha Beck’s “Finding Your North Star”.  One of the exercises in the book asks that you set 3 *WILDLY IMPROBABLE GOALS* (a.k.a. WIGs).

So, I played along.....

December 27, 2016

Resolutions have a bad reputation.

I don’t know what the statistically accurate rate of failure is for the New Year’s resolutions is (honestly, I don’t think anyone does), but the general consensus seems to be that resolutions are destined to fail.  So why bother??


December 20, 2016

I aspire…

To be radiant—to be lit from within and allow my light to shine brightly; to wake up every morning feeling energized & excited for the day ahead; to shake things up, to break routines, create adventures, and satisfy my wanderlust; to spend time alone—to read,...

August 30, 2016

Sometimes I have to learn things over and over again. It's a little bit ridiculous.

Lately (I mean like the past year or so) I’ve gotten into this habit of fitting my exercise into the pockets of time I have between clients. So I workout 20 minutes here, 30 minutes ther...

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November 19, 2018

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